Data Privacy Policy Statement

Data Privacy Policy Statement


Walton-on-Thames Cricket Club will keep the personal information that you supplied when you joined the Club on its database. This information will be used to contact you and in order for the Club to operate effectively as a sports social club.

The personal information of Officers and Committee members, key post holders and match managers is made available to membership and third parties via the Club website and the Club cricket fixtures book.

Your personal information, which is held in the Club’s secure database, will not be made available to anyone else other than the Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Cricket, Junior/Senior Membership Manager, Head of Juniors, Age Group Managers and the Club’s Website Manager, unless requested otherwise by you.

We will presume that you are willing for the Club to keep your information on our secure database unless the Club hears from you to the contrary. You may ask to see this personal data or ask for it to be changed or removed at any time, by contacting the Junior Players or Senior Players Membership Sectretary whose contact details can be found on our website

Any subscribed member who is not willing for his or her personal information to be shared in the manner described above is at liberty to “opt out” with a request in writing to the appropriate Membership Secretary.

Yours sincerely,

G V Mann

Graham Mann
Walton-on-Thames Cricket Club