Junior Section Code of Conduct
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3. Junior Section Code of Conduct

Junior Section Club Code of Conduct

In order that the Junior section runs well and is successful, the following responsibilities are set out. They do make sense, please read them and be prepared to act accordingly.

Juniors responsibilities

• Respect fellow players, the coaching team and everyone you meet in the course of training or matches
• Behave in a responsible and sensible manner
• Show a sporting attitude
• Respect the property of others and your surroundings
• Take a general interest in cricket, and try to practise outside of formal training sessions
• Make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. Discuss with the coaching team how you can improve on your weak points and set yourself targets for improvement
• Always try to do your best

Playing (Training or Matches)
• Concentrate on your game and do your best whether batting, bowling or fielding
• Remember to bring all the kit you need
• Provide and wear an abdominal protector (box) whilst batting
• Wear a helmet when batting or ‘standing up’ when keeping wicket against a hard ball
• Be prepared to help the coach/manager with ‘chores’ – e.g. collecting and carrying kit

Training sessions
• Attend regularly and arrive punctually
• Come properly dressed – white shirt and tracksuit bottoms are the norm
• Arrive at the ground on time and engage in practise drills as soon as possible
• When your team is batting take an intelligent interest throughout the innings
• Support your team mates in a sensible way – normally by applauding
• Don’t criticise players on either side – games are won by actions, not words
• Try to always act in the best interest of the team as a whole
• Play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions
• Dress properly (whites)

Repeated bad behaviour by a Junior will result in them not being allowed to attend training sessions.

The Club’s responsibilities

• Provide playing and practise facilities at the Ashley Park ground or other suitable location for sessions
• Provide equipment including stumps, balls, bats and pads
• Provide a qualified head coach and, as available, other qualified coaches and helpers
• Arrange participation in various competitions, including the West Surrey League
• Attempt to maximise the potential of all Juniors through coaching
• Select Juniors for match teams fairly, by ability