Volunteering Opportunities for Everyone

Volunteering Opportunities for Everyone

If you are interested in supporting Walton Cricket Club and its work in the Local Community please take a look at the wide range of opportunities below and get in touch to discuss what interests you.

The club is looking for volunteers to join our friendly team across a wide range of roles which benefits the local community whilst offering excellent work experience in a friendly environment.

The tasks are designed to be manageable and require a small amount of time. You don't have to know anything about cricket but you will be enthusiastic about improving the opportunities for young people in our local community.

These roles are ideal for young people doing Duke of Edinburgh, Mums, Dads or Grandparents to get involved and contribute in a variety of ways.

  • Coaching assistants (Suitable for D of E students)
  • Registration Desk helpers
  • Scorers (Suitable for D of E students)
  • Secretary of Junior Cricket
  • Junior Cricket Membership secretary
  • Team Manager & Administrator
  • CCTV supervisor
  • Marketing trainee
  • Social Events coordinator
  • Beer Festival helpers
  • Schools & PTA liaison
  • Sponsorship coodinator

  • *Social Media Communications - Website/Twitter/Facebook (New)
  • *Club Photographer (New)
  • Match Day filming & YouTube TV Channel (New)

*These roles might suit 16yr+ interested in pursuing a career or hobby. To help get things started the Club will pay for a professional training course hosted by a local training centre)

Contact Graham Mann on 07429 440917 or grahamvmann@aol.com for further information and job description.

If you dont think any of these roles suit you but would like to be involved in another capacity please get in touch.